11 Online Business Blogging Tips from My Favourite Bloggers

Online Business Tips

I do a lot of web development for my clients, building them WordPress powered websites and blogs mainly for their businesses.

The most common problem new online business owners have is getting discovered, getting traffic & constantly creating compelling content. With those questions in mind I thought I would put together a list of online business blogging tips from some of my favourite bloggers.

Ok here we go:

The First Rule Of Building a Thriving Online Audience

“If you want to build a thriving online audience of fans and customers who will push you to unthinkable heights, there’s one thing you have to get right first, above all else…”

Corbett Barr – ThinkTraffic.net

Where To Find Fresh Blogs and How To Get Your Blog Discovered

“A reader of my digital photography blog asked me how I find new blogs to subscribe to. At first I was surprised at the question, I add new blogs to my feed reader all the time. In fact I really ought to trim it down. It is an important issue after thinking about it…

Chris Garret – Chrisg.com

Making Real Money Online: Making it Happen

“Making real money online does not happen inside your head, it happens out in the world. If you are like me you will have lots of ideas that never get acted on. We need to go from day-dreaming to doing..!”

Chris Garret – Chrisg.com

Definitive Guide to Becoming Likeable Online

“I want you to think about something. What could be my number one point be in the answer to “how do I become more likeable?” What do you think is the most important factor to becoming likeable online…?”

Glen Alsop – ViperChill.com

22 Action Ways To Be A Remarkable Blogger

“Wishing for an outcome and actually taking action to achieve it are two totally different things. Below you’ll find a list of 22 ideas and actions that you can take right now as a blogger to help you become extraordinary, unusual, noteworthy – remarkable…”

Pat Flynn – SmartPassiveIncome.com

8 Things I Wish I Knew When I Became an Entrepreneur

“Taking a leap into entrepreneurship is like riding a bike for the very first time. Although it can be fun and exciting, there are consequences such as falling on the ground and getting hurt…”

Neil Patel – QuickSprout.com

An Unconventional Guide to Kickin’ Ass in 2011

“Wherever you are in your online goals there’s one thing you NEED to do this very moment to guarantee this next year becomes your BREAKOUT YEAR…”

Murray Lunn – Murlu.com

Boost Your Blog Traffic: A Guide For Bloggers Who Want More Traffic in 2011

“Are you looking for more traffic for your blog? If you answer yes – you’re not alone. In fact you’re in the vast majority of bloggers…”

Darren Rowse – ProBlogger.net

8 Keys to Blogging Success

“Are you considering starting a blog? Maybe your blog isn’t working for you? Blogging is one of the hottest ways to build business online…”

Lori Randall – Social Media Examiner.com

The Bloggers Guide to Facebook

“Over the last month, I’ve been trying to figure out how to best utilize Facebook as a blogger. To be more specific, I wanted to focus on what Facebook could offer me as far as….”

Pat Flynn – SmartPassiveIncome.com

The Secrets to Making Money Online

“I recently had a conversation with a friend who has just started out with making money from blogging. He had been struggling to get over the initial hump of getting things going and wanted to pick my brain on the “secrets” of how to do it…”

Darren Rowse – ProBlogger.net

I would love to hear what challenges you’re a facing at the moment with your online business… Leave me a comment below… thanks

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